Modern Masters 2017 Combat Tricks and Important Cards to Play Around

Although I’ll be going to Grand Prix Orlando next weekend for some final Aether Revolt action, there’s nothing like a good Masters set to take your mind off of the late stages of an established limited format.  Modern Masters 2017 promises tons of complexity and has lots of important cards to play around, just as you might expect from a “really expert level” set.

As usual, I’ve broken down all the cards to play around into categories like combat tricks, removal, and sweepers and have displayed them in a visual format to make them easier to digest.

Combat Tricks and Bounce Spells

Green Combat Tricks

[cardimg align=none]Arachnus Web[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Druid’s Deliverance[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Might of Old Krosa[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Slaughterhorn[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Strength in Numbers[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Ghor-Clan Rampager[/cardimg]

[card]Arachnus Web[/card] can possibly come out at instant speed if they have an [card]Arachnus Spinner[/card].

White Combat Tricks

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Graceful Reprieve[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Momentary Blink[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Rootborn Defenses[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Deputy of Acquittals[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Vanish Into Memory[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Aethertow[/cardimg]

Red Combat Tricks

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Dynacharge[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Rubblebelt Maaka[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Pyrewild Shaman[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Auger Spree[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Ghor-Clan Rampager[/cardimg]

Black Combat Tricks

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Cower in Fear[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Agony Warp[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Auger Spree[/cardimg]

Blue Combat Tricks

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Ghostly Flicker[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Agony Warp[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Deputy of Acquittals[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Vanish into Memory[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Aethertow[/cardimg]

Blue/Other Bounce Spells

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Cyclonic Rift[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Grasp of Phantoms[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Mist Raven[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Venser, Shaper Savant[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Dinrova Horror[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Aethertow[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Primal Command[/cardimg]

Sweepers and Removal/Damage Spells


[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Terminus[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Cyclonic Rift[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Cower in Fear[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Damnation[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Bonfire of the Damned[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Mizzium Mortars[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Pyroclasm[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Fiery Justice[/cardimg]

Red/Other Damage – Creatures Only

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Mizzium Mortars[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Pyroclasm[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Olivia Voldaren[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Fiery Justice[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Izzet Charm[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Ground Assault[/cardimg]

Red/Other Damage – Both Creatures and Players

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Bonfire of the Damned[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Thornscape Battlemage[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Chandra’s Outrage[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Mudbutton Torchrunner[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Thunderous Wrath[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Magma Jet[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius[/cardimg]

Of course, [card]Mudbutton Torchrunner[/card] is going to require a sacrifice outlet to deal damage immediately, but something like that doesn’t look like it will be too surprising coming from R/B.

Red/Other Damage – Players Only

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Hellrider[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Molten Rain[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Scorched Rusalka[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Cruel Ultimatum[/cardimg]

Black Drain

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Golgari Rotwurm[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Carnage Gladiator[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Obzedat, Ghost Council[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Gnawing Zombie[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Falkenrath Noble[/cardimg]

Black/Other Removal – Size Unconditional

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Liliana of the Veil[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Sever the Bloodline[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Seal of Doom[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Grisly Spectacle[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Bone Splinters[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Cruel Ultimatum[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Putrefy[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Soul Ransom[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Terminate[/cardimg]

Black/Other Removal – Conditional

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Abrupt Decay[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Agony Warp[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Auger Spree[/cardimg]

White Combat-based Removal

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Pitfall Trap[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Aethertow[/cardimg]

White Removal – Conditional or Enchantment-based

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Banishing Stroke[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Path to Exile[/cardimg]

Blue Removal

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Soul Ransom[/cardimg]

Since this is Modern Masters you don’t have the typical “bad blue enchantment-based removal” like [card]Malfunction[/card] or [card]Ice Over[/card].  Instead you just get efficient bounce like [card]Mist Raven[/card].

Green Removal

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Domri Rade[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Arachnus Web[/cardimg]

All you get is a conditional enchantment spell — don’t look to green for your removal or interaction.

Anti-flying Removal

None in Modern Masters 2017.

Instant Speed Enchantment Removal

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Sundering Growth[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Banishing Stroke[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Abrupt Decay[/cardimg]

Instant Speed Artifact Removal

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Sundering Growth[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Banishing Stroke[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Abrupt Decay[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Putrefy[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Ancient Grudge[/cardimg]

Killing You out of Nowhere: Mass-Pump Spells

Mass-Pump Instants

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Dynacharge[/cardimg]

Other Mass-Pump Cards

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Craterhoof Behemoth[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Intangible Virtue[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Gaea’s Anthem[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Master Splicer[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Scourge Devil[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Gruul War Chant[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Teleportal[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Sunhome Guildmage[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Torrent of Souls[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Tattermunge Witch[/cardimg]


Counterspell – Unconditional

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Mystic Genesis[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Rewind[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Familiar’s Ruse[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Venser, Shaper Savant[/cardimg]

Counterspell – Conditional

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Izzet Charm[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Soul Manipulation[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Spell Pierce[/cardimg]

Combat Math Effects

Threaten Effects

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Traitorous Instinct[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Zealous Conscripts[/cardimg]

Falter and Tap Effects

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Flickerwisp[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Kor Hookmaster[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Crippling Chill[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Vanish Into Memory[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Mistmeadow Witch[/cardimg]

Haste Creatures

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Craterhoof Behemoth[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Zealous Conscripts[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Hellrider[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Goblin Guide[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Goblin Assault[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Battle-Rattle Shaman[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Falkenrath Aristocrat[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Sunhome Guildmage[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Skyknight Legionnaire[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Spike Jester[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Torrent of Souls[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Giantbaiting[/cardimg]

Cards That Give Flying/Evasion When Played

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Gift of Orzhova[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Unflinching Courage[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Teleportal[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Gruul War Chant[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Wingcrafter[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Wing Splicer[/cardimg]

Flash Creatures

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Snapcaster Mage[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Cackling Counterpart[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Restoration Angel[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Summoning Trap[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Venser, Shaper Savant[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Baloth Cage Trap[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Eyes in the Skies[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Rootborn Defenses[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Druid’s Deliverance[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Sundering Growth[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Spire Monitor[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Advent of the Wurm[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Aethermage’s Touch[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Mystic Genesis[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Deputy of Acquittals[/cardimg]

Don’t forget that any instant with Populate on it essentially makes flash creatures!

Tricks that Untap a Creature

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Momentary Blink[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Ghostly Flicker[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Restoration Angel[/cardimg]

And the Rest…

Discard Effects

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Liliana of the Veil[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Mind Shatter[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Entomber Exarch[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Inquisition of Kozilek[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Delirium Skeins[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Night Terrors[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Cruel Ultimatum[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Sin Collector[/cardimg] [cardimg align=none set=MM3]Dinrova Horror[/cardimg]

Fog Effects

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Druid’s Deliverance[/cardimg]

Instant Speed Lifegain

[cardimg align=none set=MM3]Sphinx’s Revelation[/cardimg]

While there aren’t really cards that do this in Modern Masters 2017, do take note of all the blink effects mentioned above.  There are a ton of creatures with ETB lifegain abilities so it will probably be trivial to re-trigger these in the Bant blink deck.

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