Eternal Masters Combat Tricks and Cards to Play Around

One of the most difficult parts about playing a new format is staring at open mana and wondering what your opponent might have because you don’t know all the cards in the set.  Or thinking about making a critical attack but being worried about which cards you can afford to play around.  Now you have no excuse!  Below is the complete list of “stuff to play around” for Eternal Masters.


[cardimg set=EMA]Nausea[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Zealous Persecution[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Crater Hellion[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Toxic Deluge[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Wrath of God[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Void[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Nevinyrral’s Disk[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Balance[/cardimg]

Green Combat Tricks and Removal

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Roots[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Sylvan Might[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Invigorate[/cardimg]

White Combat Tricks

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Shelter[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Humble[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Zealous Persecution[/cardimg]

Mass-pump Instants

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Rally the Peasants[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Zealous Persecution[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Thunderclap Wyvern[/cardimg]

Other Mass-pump Cards

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Intangible Virtue[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Flame-Kin Zealot[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Centaur Chieftain[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Torrent of Souls[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Imperious Perfect[/cardimg]

Blue Combat Tricks

Normally Dream Twist would not be a combat trick but this is a set with [card]Werebear[/card] and [card]Nimble Mongoose[/card].

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Dream Twist[/cardimg]

Blue (or other) Bounce Spells

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Man-‘o-War[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Stingscourger[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Silent Departure[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Jace, the Mind Sculptor[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Karakas[/cardimg]

Red Damage – Creatures Only

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Pyrokinesis[/cardimg]

Red Damage – Both Creatures and Players

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Mogg Fanatic[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Firebolt[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Carbonize[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Ticking Gnomes[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Chain Lightning[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Ghitu Slinger[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Flame Jab[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Goblin Charbelcher[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Siege-Gang Commander[/cardimg]

Red Damage – Players Only

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Keldon Marauders[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Keldon Champion[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Price of Progress[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Sulfuric Vortex[/cardimg]

Black Drain

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Shaman of the Pack[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Blood Artist[/cardimg]

Black/Other Removal – Size Unconditional

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Eyeblight’s Ending[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Innocent Blood[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Nekrataal[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Annihilate[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Hydroblast[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Pyroblast[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Duplicant[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Malicious Affliction[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Vindicate[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Maze of Ith[/cardimg]

Black/Other Removal – Conditional

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Tragic Slip[/cardimg]

White Combat-based Removal

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Second Thoughts[/cardimg]

White Removal – Conditional or Enchantment-based

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Pacifism[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Faith’s Fetters[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Swords to Plowshares[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Unexpectedly Absent[/cardimg]

Blue Removal

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Gaseous Form[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Stupefying Touch[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Phyrexian Ingester[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Control Magic[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Dack Fayden[/cardimg]

Counterspell – Unconditional

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Counterspell[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Memory Lapse[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Force of Will[/cardimg]

Counterspell – Conditional

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Daze[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Pyroblast[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Hydroblast[/cardimg]

Falter Effects and Similar

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Fervent Cathar[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Seismic Stomp[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Kor Hookmaster[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Benevolent Bodyguard[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Glimmerpoint Stag[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Glare of Subdual[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Eight-and-a-Half-Tails[/cardimg]

Haste Creatures

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Reckless Charge[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Fervent Cathar[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Avarax[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Flame-Kin Zealot[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Centaur Chieftain[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Flinthoof Boar[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Bloodbraid Elf[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Keldon Champion[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Rorix Bladewing[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Giant Solifuge[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Ichorid[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Sneak Attack[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Maelstrom Wanderer[/cardimg]

Flash Creatures

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Whitemane Lion[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Raise the Alarm[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Tidal Wave[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Thunderclap Wyvern[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Dualcaster Mage[/cardimg]

Instant Speed Enchantment Removal

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Nature’s Claim[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Unexpectedly Absent[/cardimg]

Instant Speed Artifact Removal

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Nature’s Claim[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Unexpectedly Absent[/cardimg]

Discard Effects

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Duress[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Hymn to Tourach[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Cabal Therapy[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Void[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Diminishing Returns[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Balance[/cardimg]

Fog Effects

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Fog[/cardimg]

Cards That Give Flying/Evasion When Played

Of course, in the case of Brawn and Wonder – this is when they are discarded rather than played.

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Welkin Guide[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Wonder[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Brawn[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Armadillo Cloak[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Rancor[/cardimg]

EMA Special!  “Free” Cards

Unlike normal limited formats, Eternal Masters will have spots where your opponent is tapped out and still has instant-speed effects.  Play around that Daze if you can afford to!!

[cardimg set=EMA align=none]Daze[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Invigorate[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Pyrokinesis[/cardimg] [cardimg set=EMA align=none]Force of Will[/cardimg]

Closing Thoughts

Eternal Masters is not your typical modern day limited format.  There noticeably fewer combat tricks, and considerably more efficient removal spells.  Also there are approximately 2-3 times the number of sweepers you’d see in a typical set.  We most certainly have returned to the “good old days” where the spells were better than the creatures.

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