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Ben Stark: EMN is Great, You Should Draw in Sealed

In a rare recent draft video over on CFB, limited guru Ben Stark drafted an unusual (and cool) black/red spells based control deck.  Throughout the video he dropped a few format-specific gems of knowledge between rounds.  Namely:

You Should Be Drawing in Sealed

We’ve all heard this a million times, but it is great to reinforce the point — if a format is a) low pressure and b) you have tons of cheap removal, you should be on the draw.  Both Eldritch Moon draft and sealed happen to be fairly low pressure environments, so this is something to be looking for when you evaluate your match against your opponent’s deck.

If he or she is not going to run you over by curving out on you, then having that extra card is imperative.  One other interesting comment that Stark had was if a pro Magic player chooses to draw against you in game 2 of a GP, you should think long and hard before not drawing in game 3 yourself if you get the choice.  That person, being a pro, is likely to have a more sophisticated understanding of the matchup than you.

Eldritch Moon is Ben’s Type of Format

Because the format is so low pressure, it allows you to spend more time gaining value through card advantage.  As opposed to dying with a card rotting in your hand that you were unable to cast, you can afford to hold on to an expensive, yet powerful, card a bit longer and at a lower opportunity cost.  This is similar to the first Modern Masters set, which had quite a high power level.
[cardimg align=right]Drownyard Behemoth[/cardimg]
I don’t think this is to say that Eldritch Moon is glacially slow – anything but.  There are aggressive archetypes that are capable of applying a lot of early pressure if they get the right cards, especially at uncommon or higher (eg R/B vampires). You just have a little more time than usual to deploy powerful, gamebreaking sources of card advantage like emerge creatures.

Borrowed Malevolence

Eldritch Moon Combat Tricks and Cards to Play Around

Shortly, Eldritch Moon will be infusing 205 new cards into Shadows Over Innistrad block limited, which means dozens of new cards to learn and consider when you are playing into open mana or crafting a game plan.

Of course, as the set will be drafted with a pack of SOI, this means that not only do you have to expect all the new EMN cards, everything from SOI will also still be there.  Proportionally the set will be drafted EMN/EMN/SOI and sealed will be played with 4x EMN and 2x SOI packs.  In smaller sets like EMN, each card will appear with more relative frequency than a card at a similar rarity in a larger set.  This is important to weigh when deciding whether to play around an EMN card or an SOI one.

In both sets there are quite a few ways to put cards in the graveyard at instant speed, and I have not included these in this article.  However if your opponent has a card that grows when he or she gets delirium, you have to consider they may be able to pump it at instant speed.

Otherwise, enjoy this exhaustive listing of “stuff to play around” for Eldritch Moon limited, including Shadows Over Innistrad.


[cardimg]Smoldering Werewolf [/cardimg] [cardimg]Spreading Flames[/cardimg] [cardimg]Savage Alliance[/cardimg] [cardimg]Abolisher of Bloodlines[/cardimg] [cardimg]Nahiri’s Wrath[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Dual Shot[/cardimg] [cardimg]Biting Rain[/cardimg] [cardimg]Descend Upon the Sinful[/cardimg]

Green Combat Tricks

[cardimg]Woodcutter’s Grit[/cardimg] [cardimg]Waxing Moon[/cardimg] [cardimg]Spirit of the Hunt[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Aim High[/cardimg] [cardimg]Confront the Unknown[/cardimg] [cardimg]Might Beyond Reason[/cardimg] [cardimg]Howlpack Resurgence[/cardimg]

White Combat Tricks

[cardimg]Borrowed Grace[/cardimg] [cardimg]Repel the Abominable[/cardimg] [cardimg]Give No Ground[/cardimg] [cardimg]Long Road Home[/cardimg] [cardimg]Drogskol Shieldmate[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Strength of Arms[/cardimg] [cardimg]Survive the Night[/cardimg] [cardimg]Tenacity[/cardimg] [cardimg]Eerie Interlude[/cardimg]

Mass-pump Instants

[cardimg]Borrowed Grace[/cardimg] [cardimg]Heron’s Grace Champion[/cardimg]


Other Mass-pump Cards

[cardimg]Chittering Host[/cardimg]  [cardimg]Collective Effort[/cardimg] [cardimg]Stromkirk Condemned[/cardimg] [cardimg]Decimator of the Provinces[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Inspiring Captain[/cardimg]  [cardimg]Ethereal Guidance[/cardimg] [cardimg]Veteran Cathar[/cardimg] [cardimg]Indulgent Aristocrat[/cardimg] [cardimg]Odric, Lunarch Marshal[/cardimg] [cardimg]Thalia’s Lieutenant[/cardimg] [cardimg]Always Watching[/cardimg]

Red Combat Tricks

[cardimg]Borrowed Hostility[/cardimg] [cardimg]Otherworldly Outburst[/cardimg] [cardimg]Distemper of the Blood[/cardimg] [cardimg]Savage Alliance[/cardimg] [cardimg]Abandon Reason[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Senseless Rage[/cardimg] [cardimg]Uncaged Fury[/cardimg] [cardimg]Rush of Adrenaline[/cardimg] [cardimg]Dissension in the Ranks[/cardimg] [cardimg]Spiteful Motives[/cardimg] [cardimg]Stensia Masquerade[/cardimg] [cardimg]Malevolent Whispers[/cardimg]

Black Combat Tricks

[cardimg]Borrowed Malevolence[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Grotesque Mutation[/cardimg] [cardimg]Merciless Resolve[/cardimg]

Blue Combat Tricks

[cardimg]Spontaneous Mutation[/cardimg] [cardimg]Displace[/cardimg] [cardimg]Summary Dismissal[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Jace’s Scrutiny[/cardimg] [cardimg]Essence Flux[/cardimg]

Blue/Other Bounce Spells

[cardimg]Drag Under[/cardimg] [cardimg]Unsubstantiate[/cardimg] [cardimg]Long Road Home[/cardimg] [cardimg]Lashweed Lurker[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Just the Wind[/cardimg] [cardimg]Gone Missing[/cardimg] [cardimg]Ghostly Wings[/cardimg] [cardimg]Compelling Deterrence[/cardimg] [cardimg]Engulf the Shore[/cardimg] [cardimg]Jace, Unraveler of Secrets[/cardimg]

Red Damage – Creatures Only

[cardimg]Galvanic Bombardment[/cardimg] [cardimg]Alchemist’s Greeting[/cardimg] [cardimg]Savage Alliance[/cardimg] [cardimg]Smoldering Werewolf[/cardimg] [cardimg]Weaver of Lightning[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Reduce to Ashes[/cardimg] [cardimg]Dual Shot[/cardimg] [cardimg]Lightning Axe[/cardimg] [cardimg]Inner Struggle[/cardimg]

Red/Other Damage – Both Creatures and Players

[cardimg]Make Mischief[/cardimg] [cardimg]Incendiary Flow[/cardimg]  [cardimg]Bloodhall Priest[/cardimg] [cardimg]Collective Defiance[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Explosive Apparatus[/cardimg] [cardimg]Fiery Temper[/cardimg] [cardimg]Geistblast[/cardimg] [cardimg]Avacyn’s Judgment[/cardimg] [cardimg]Burn from Within[/cardimg] [cardimg]Arlinn Kord[/cardimg]

Red Damage – Players Only

[cardimg]Stensia Banquet[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Structural Distortion[/cardimg] [cardimg]Gibbering Fiend[/cardimg] [cardimg]Fevered Visions[/cardimg]

Black Drain

[cardimg]Cryptolith Fragment[/cardimg] [cardimg]Prying Questions[/cardimg] [cardimg]Campaign of Vengeance[/cardimg] [cardimg]Abundant Maw[/cardimg] [cardimg]Collective Brutality[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Alms of the Vein[/cardimg] [cardimg]Liliana’s Indignation[/cardimg] [cardimg]Sorin, Grim Nemesis[/cardimg]

Black/Other Removal – Size Unconditional

[cardimg]Certain Death[/cardimg] [cardimg]Ruthless Disposal[/cardimg] [cardimg]Murder[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Murderous Compulsion[/cardimg] [cardimg]Sinister Concoction[/cardimg] [cardimg]Anguished Unmaking[/cardimg] [cardimg]Sorin, Grim Nemesis[/cardimg]

Black/Other Removal – Conditional

[cardimg]Borrowed Malevolence[/cardimg] [cardimg]Boon of Emrakul[/cardimg] [cardimg]Collective Brutality[/cardimg] [cardimg]Oath of Liliana[/cardimg] [cardimg]Dark Salvation[/cardimg] [cardimg]Liliana, the Last Hope[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Dead Weight[/cardimg] [cardimg]Throttle[/cardimg] [cardimg]Tooth Collector[/cardimg] [cardimg]To the Slaughter[/cardimg]

White Combat-based Removal

[cardimg]Blessed Alliance[/cardimg] [cardimg]Ride Down[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Puncturing Light[/cardimg] [cardimg]Silverstrike[/cardimg]

White Removal – Conditional or Enchantment-based

[cardimg]Choking Restraints[/cardimg] [cardimg]Faith Unbroken[/cardimg] [cardimg]Collective Effort[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Angelic Purge[/cardimg] [cardimg]Bound by Moonsilver[/cardimg] [cardimg]Humble the Brute[/cardimg] [cardimg]Avacynian Missionaries[/cardimg] [cardimg]Declaration in Stone[/cardimg] [cardimg]Nahiri, the Harbinger[/cardimg]

Blue Removal

[cardimg]Spontaneous Mutation[/cardimg] [cardimg]Imprisoned in the Moon[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Sleep Paralysis[/cardimg] [cardimg]Welcome to the Fold[/cardimg]

Green Removal

[cardimg]Prey Upon[/cardimg] [cardimg]Somberwald Stag[/cardimg] [cardimg]Clear Shot[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Rabid Bite[/cardimg] [cardimg]Moonlight Hunt[/cardimg]

Counterspell – Unconditional

[cardimg]Unsubstantiate[/cardimg] [cardimg]Summary Dismissal[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Broken Concentration[/cardimg] [cardimg]Confirm Suspicions[/cardimg]

Counterspell – Conditional

[cardimg]Convolute[/cardimg] [cardimg]Turn Aside[/cardimg] [cardimg]Spell Queller[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Deny Existence[/cardimg] [cardimg]Invasive Surgery[/cardimg]

Threaten Effects

[cardimg]Malevolent Whispers[/cardimg]

Falter and Tap Effects

[cardimg]Fogwalker[/cardimg] [cardimg]Chittering Host[/cardimg] [cardimg]Chilling Grasp[/cardimg] [cardimg]Nebelgast Herald[/cardimg] [cardimg]Subjugator Angel[/cardimg] [cardimg]Long Road Home[/cardimg] [cardimg]Mournwillow[/cardimg] [cardimg]Niblis of Frost[/cardimg] [cardimg]Elder Deep-Fiend[/cardimg] [cardimg]Tamiyo, Field Researcher[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Magmatic Chasm[/cardimg] [cardimg]Voldaren Duelist[/cardimg] [cardimg]Stitched Mangler[/cardimg] [cardimg]Press for Answers[/cardimg] [cardimg]Expose Evil[/cardimg]  [cardimg]Topplegeist[/cardimg]

Haste Creatures

[cardimg]Prophetic Ravings[/cardimg] [cardimg]Chittering Host[/cardimg] [cardimg]Markov Crusader[/cardimg] [cardimg]Mournwillow[/cardimg] [cardimg]Hanweir Battlements[/cardimg] [cardimg]Impetuous Devils[/cardimg] [cardimg]Decimator of the Provinces[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Voldaren Duelist[/cardimg] [cardimg]Ember-Eye Wolf[/cardimg] [cardimg]Olivia’s Bloodsworn[/cardimg] [cardimg]Mad Prophet[/cardimg] [cardimg]Haunted Cloak[/cardimg] [cardimg]Village Messenger[/cardimg]  [cardimg]Geier Reach Bandit[/cardimg] [cardimg]Invocation of Saint Traft[/cardimg] [cardimg]Westvale Abbey[/cardimg] [cardimg]Goldnight Castigator[/cardimg] [cardimg]Olivia, Mobilized for War[/cardimg] [cardimg]Arlinn Kord[/cardimg]

Flash Creatures

[cardimg]Swift Spinner[/cardimg] [cardimg]Nebelgast Herald[/cardimg] [cardimg]Drogskol Shieldmate[/cardimg] [cardimg]Drownyard Behemoth[/cardimg] [cardimg]Spirit of the Hunt[/cardimg] [cardimg]Elder Deep-Fiend[/cardimg] [cardimg]Spell Queller[/cardimg] [cardimg]Heron’s Grace Champion[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Strength of Arms[/cardimg] [cardimg]Stormrider Spirit[/cardimg] [cardimg]Pack Guardian[/cardimg] [cardimg]Dance with Devils[/cardimg] [cardimg]Second Harvest[/cardimg] [cardimg]Rattlechains[/cardimg]

Madness Creatures (played as an instant via discard outlet)

[cardimg]Weirded Vampire – 2B -[/cardimg] [cardimg]Insatiable Gorgers – 3R -[/cardimg] [cardimg]Stromkirk Occultist – 1R -[/cardimg] [cardimg]Voldaren Pariah – BBB -[/cardimg] [cardimg]Bloodhall Priest – 1BR -[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Asylum Visitor[/cardimg] [cardimg]Twins of Maurer Estate[/cardimg] [cardimg]Gisa’s Bidding[/cardimg] [cardimg]From Under the Floorboards[/cardimg] [cardimg]Bloodmad Vampire[/cardimg] [cardimg]Incorrigible Youths[/cardimg]

Tricks that Untap a Creature

[cardimg]Blessed Alliance[/cardimg] [cardimg]Displace[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Aim High[/cardimg] [cardimg]Tenacity[/cardimg] [cardimg]Essence Flux[/cardimg]

Instant Speed Enchantment Removal

[cardimg]Springsage Ritual[/cardimg] [cardimg]Collective Effort[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Anguished Unmaking[/cardimg]

Instant Speed Artifact Removal

[cardimg]Springsage Ritual[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Anguished Unmaking[/cardimg]

Discard Effects

[cardimg]Whispers of Emrakul[/cardimg] [cardimg]Prying Questions[/cardimg] [cardimg]Collective Defiance[/cardimg] [cardimg]Collective Brutality[/cardimg] [cardimg]Distended Mindbender[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Vessel of Malignity[/cardimg] [cardimg]Pick the Brain[/cardimg] [cardimg]Compelling Deterrence[/cardimg]

Fog Effects

[cardimg]Repel the Abominable[/cardimg]

Instant Speed Lifegain

[cardimg]Blessed Alliance[/cardimg]


Cards That Give Flying/Evasion When Played

[cardimg]Lunarch Mantle[/cardimg] [cardimg]Graf Harvest[/cardimg] [cardimg]Decimator of the Provinces[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Ghostly Wings[/cardimg] [cardimg]Behind the Scenes[/cardimg] [cardimg]Gryff’s Boon[/cardimg] [cardimg]Nephalia Moondrakes[/cardimg]

EMN/SOI Special:  Madness Cards

Regardless of the card type, anything with madness can be coming at you as an instant.  When your opponent has a discard outlet available and mana up, here’s what you can expect:

[cardimg]Distemper of the Blood[/cardimg] [cardimg]Alchemist’s Greeting[/cardimg] [cardimg]Weirded Vampire[/cardimg] [cardimg]Abandon Reason[/cardimg] [cardimg]Chilling Grasp [/cardimg] [cardimg]Insatiable Gorgers[/cardimg] [cardimg]Stromkirk Occultist[/cardimg] [cardimg]Voldaren Pariah[/cardimg] [cardimg]Bloodhall Priest[/cardimg]

[cardimg]Just the Wind[/cardimg] [cardimg]Nagging Thoughts[/cardimg] [cardimg]Broken Concentration[/cardimg] [cardimg]Welcome to the Fold[/cardimg] [cardimg]Alms of the Vein[/cardimg] [cardimg]Murderous Compulsion[/cardimg] [cardimg]Asylum Visitor[/cardimg] [cardimg]Twins of Maurer Estate[/cardimg] [cardimg]Biting Rain[/cardimg] [cardimg]Gisa’s Bidding[/cardimg] [cardimg]From Under the Floorboards[/cardimg] [cardimg]Fiery Temper[/cardimg]  [cardimg]Avacyn’s Judgment[/cardimg] [cardimg]Bloodmad Vampire[/cardimg] [cardimg]Senseless Rage[/cardimg] [cardimg]Incorrigible Youths[/cardimg] [cardimg]Stensia Masquerade[/cardimg] [cardimg]Malevolent Whispers[/cardimg]

As you can see the number of madness cards in Eldritch Moon is halved, despite the fact the set is still 80% the size of SOI.  Red has no common madness creatures, and black’s common 2B madness creature is downgraded from a 3/5 to a 3/3.  Blue only has one madness card, period.