At Limited Master we go deep on limited analysis ā€” deeper than [card text=”anywhere else”]Dark Depths[/card]. Not only will you find the latest limited format guides and strategies, but you’ll also find a plethora of articles on Magic theory that you can always use, regardless of format.

There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than drafting. It’s the most amazing, challenging, and purest form of Magic. I started playing way back in [card text=”Ice Age”]Scaled Wurm[/card], but now I focus solely on limited. Iā€™m obsessed with cube, chaos draft, and of course whatever the current limited format happens to be.

Like you, I’m constantly driven to improve my game and become the best player possible. Although many places offer Magic strategy advice, there’s a distinct lack of in-depth writing about limited ā€” particularly sealed deck ā€” despite it being a critical format to master to make a Top 8 Draft at a PPTQ or a Day 2 of a GP. That’s why I created Limited Master. I hope you’ll join in the discussion and help make this site a great resource for limited Magic players.

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